Adam Stacey

Brewpubs tend to be a bit more hidden than breweries.  The main reason stems from distribution.  Brewpubs are generally only lisenced for on premise sales.  Their beers are not sitting on the shelf and in your face like a breweries beers would be. 

Bravo Restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan is an Italian bistro and brewpub.  Chef Adam Stacey is working the kettles and bringing great beers to the table to pair well with the plates.  With roughly 16 years brewing experience (12 as a home brewer and 4 at the restaurant), he has created some great year rounds as well as popular seasonals. 

Today Chef Adam takes some time and answers the Questions of Note.

1.                  What was the beer moment, when you knew you wanted to become involved with the craft beer renaissance?


When I started brewing good quality beer I knew I had to share with everybody.


2.         If you could have any beer in your hand right now, what would it be?

Bell’s Two Hearted has always been my first love

3.         Can you describe your beer life in a song lyric/title?  If so what would you choose?

Foghat Slow Ride

4.         Do you have a steady beer, or do you like to “play the field?”

I have a Little Sumpin Sumpin in my frig most of the time but I like to play the field


5.         Crowded smoky bar or back porch watching the clouds float across the sky?

 Porch watching the stars

And the lame one…

Who put the bomp in the bomp-sha bomp-sha bomp?

Sha Na Na

Time for a pint…

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