Meghan Lloyd

It’s great when people enter your life leaving an impact for the better.  This week’s featured interviewee is Meghan Lloyd.  (hipster moment) You probably haven’t heard of her…  I met Meghan in Kalamazoo years ago (before she was cool).  She was the bartender at the Epic Bistro in downtown Kalamazoo a few years before it became a leading beer bar with the addition of Central City Taphouse.  Meghan is now the bar manager out at Lucky Pie in Colorado.  With her knowledge of craft beer Michigan’s loss is Denver’s gain.


1. What was the beer moment, when you knew you wanted to become involved with the craft beer renaissance?

I don’t think there was one particular shining moment. In my early twenties I started really appreciating the difference between Michigan’s amazing wealth of craft beer and the stuff we were chugging during beer pong. I’ve worked at a lot of great bars with a lot of great beer since then. I think this past year as bar manager at Lucky Pie has really made me appreciate all the different aspects of the craft beer movement.

2. If you could have any beer in your hand right now, what would it be?

It’s just after noon right now so it might be a little early for a Two Hearted… aw fuck it, Two Hearted anyway! It’s got tropical notes… people eat fruit salad for lunch, right?

3. Can you describe your beer life in a song lyric/title? If so what would you choose?

 “You’re the Reason our Kids are Ugly” – Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. Just kidding, I don’t have kids… but if I did… yikes.

4. Do you have a steady beer, or do you like to “play the field?”

 I’m definitely a player. It is my job to keep the beer selection at my restaurant interesting and current. There’s always new beer to be tried! I also like to drink seasonally and I love to experiment with beer and food pairing at home. Although, Two Hearted is always the first out of many beers I drink whenever I set foot back in Michigan.

5. Crowded smoky bar or back porch watching the clouds float across the sky?

 Back porch, any day. I’ve worked in enough crowded smoky bars… although if the right band were playing, and if it were the right kind of smoke, I could be tempted.
And the lame one…

If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make fog horns out of?

Old Fran Drescher recordings?
Time for a pint…

4 thoughts on “Meghan Lloyd

  1. Hello Jon Jefferson! Nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog or I would not have known about you. Interesting blog and interesting journey you are on. 🙂

  2. Hello Jon,These snatches of interviews and thoughts from other people is what can make your bog interesting. There are funny moments that made me smile. Keep writing!

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