Events: Arts and Eats

South West Michigan is proving yet again that there is quite a bit going on.  Over the past weekend Arts and Eats led fall travelers on a tour of artists, restaurants, and area farms.  As per their website, this was a self guided backroads tour allowing you to not only experience the grand display of fall foliage but the participants as well.  The festivities kicked off on Friday night but the tour itself went on both Saturday and Sunday.  Considering the area covered 6 counties, you really needed both days if you wanted to see it all. 

I stopped in at Hop Head Farms to see what they had going on for their part of the tour. 

Hop Head Bon is pouring samples of the fresh hopped Michigan beers using their cascade hops.   The bottles are from New Holland and Founders; the growler is from the Walldorff.  She also had their own special recipe hop cheese paired up with some pretzels.

 Once you left the offices you could make your way out back for a hay ride tour of the entire hop yard. 

 Then on to a tour of the hop processing facility to learn about picking, and pellitizing the hops. 

Hop Head Mark, the farm manager was on hand to talk a bit about the future for the next addition to the hop yard.

 Hop Head Jeff spent some time explaining how the hops from the farm are used by local breweries and home brewers. 

The plan for Arts and Eats is for it to connect with other local tours not only throughout the state but in other states as well.  This is a great initiative helping to connect people back with their communities and those who nourish not only our bodies but also our souls.

Time for a pint…

7 thoughts on “Events: Arts and Eats

  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun. I think these kinds of initiatives are such a great way to make people more aware of what is in their own backyards. I am constantly amazing at what I find in my area when I take the time to look. Thanks for sharing. :-), Susan Cooper from LinkedIn/BHB

  2. The slow food movement and the craft beer renaisance have both led to more active community involvement. People are finding a need to know where the food they eat and what they drink comes from.

  3. Hi Jon: I love this kind of event! As someone who has belonged to our local "farm writers association" I have been on many such tours and found them to be fascinating and a delicious opportunity to try things we'd not otherwise encounter.Food Fests are almost as good as Chocolate Fests! 🙂

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