Transfer: Experiment Ale A

If you recall, last week I brewed the first of two beers I am working on for Hop Head Farms.  The beers are testers for their pellitizing machine.  I am looking for variations between two different options of pellets.  Each beer uses the exact same malt bill and hop varietal, as well as the same brewing procedure.  The only variation is in how the hops are pellitized. 

The beer is racked and moving toward secondary.  First impressions are fairly decent so far.  Finishing at roughly 5.25% alcohol with a piney nose and moderate bitterness.  The transfer is fairly clear.  My impressions during the brew seem to have held true and this beer does seem a bit cleaner than normal. 

This glass is from last week’s brew day.   

This is from this weeks transfer.  As you can see it cleared nicely.  At this point it will be sitting at roughly 40 degrees for another week before I keg it. 

Shortly after that I will brew Experiment Ale B.  After that beer is kegged I will be compiling the video footage and then bottling for flavor difference comparisons.  For essentially the same beers it should be interesting looking for any changes between the two batches. 

Tomorrow should be another semi busy day.  I plan to do some bottling for Indian Summer (the Bell’s contest beer).  Turn in for the contest is coming up shortly so I want to avoid procrastinating as I normally would. 

Time for a pint…

4 thoughts on “Transfer: Experiment Ale A

  1. Hi Jon,Interesting post. Brewing ale and beer. You might become a beer expert eventually.It's apparent you enjoy your what you're doing. What about some wine preps?Good luck!

  2. Very cool. Brewing beer is on my bucket list to do, but seems like a complicated and timely process. My friend's family lives in Saudi Arabia (where alcohol is illegal) so shes talked before about how they brew their own beer and make they own "syd" or moonshine. Must feel very accomplishing to create something that tastes awesome and you can enjoy with friends and family!

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