Beer Quest: Experiment Ale A

Tomorrow I will be brewing the first of two beers that are testers for Hop Head Farms.  The beer itself is pretty straight forward, I am not shooting for any ground breaking maneuvers.  Both beers will be exactly the same.  Well, except for a minor detail.  The way the hops were pelletized is the matter in question. 

I have two sets of Colombus hops; one is labeled A the other is labeled B.  For this experiment I will be filming the hop editions of the boil to see if there is any difference in how they react.  After that it will be a matter of monitoring the fermentation and the final product.  This of course means sharing some beers at the farm to compare and contrast the finished beers. 

The recipe for each beer:

10lb pale malt
1 lb  Wheat malt
2 oz Roasted Black malt

.5 oz colombus  60 min
.25 oz colombus 45 min
.25 oz colombus 30 min
.5 oz colombus   20 min
.5 oz colombus    5 min

Mash Schedule

20 min 110 degrees
1.5 hours 148 degrees

Boil 90 minutes

WLP 029 Kolsch yeast
After primary fermentation the beers will be lagered for 1 week at 40 degrees

When both beers are brewed and bottled I will be posting the videos for comparison as well as the tasting. 

Time for a pint…

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