Hop Head Fred

It is not uncommon to earn pseudonyms for our personalities on the internet.  This gives us a bit of freedom, a little bit of a chance to be incognito as we travel through various networks.  Well that is unless you gain a bit of infamy like Hophead Fred.  Although he is a transplant to Chandler, Arizona, they have taken him as their own.  In this year’s pollings he was voted the 4th most beerfluential person in Arizona.  He is also a founder of the Vegan Zombie Beer Club.  (What does a vegan zombie eat?  GGGRRRAAAIIINNNSSS)

Here we go with the questions…

1.         What was the beer moment, when you knew you wanted to become involved with the craft beer renaissance?

 It wasn’t a beer moment per se, much more like a Beer Nirvana. It happened when I moved to Arizona. The lack of craft beer bars inspired me to raise awareness. I am glad to say we are a thriving craft beer destination.

2.         If you could have any beer in your hand right now, what would it be?

It would be a G’KNIGHT from Oskar Blues. In fact I’m holding a nitro G’KNIGHT in my hand right meow.

3.         Can you describe your beer life in a song lyric/title?  If so what would you choose?

If it’s hoppy this boy is getting sloppy and I would have Les Claypool write it

4.         Do you have a steady beer, or do you like to “play the field?”

My steady beer would Hopknot from Four Peaks – I prefer to support local. However I try as many beers and beer styles that I can.

5.         Crowded smoky bar or back porch watching the clouds float across the sky?

I do not like smokey bars. Living in Arizona I’d say backpacking with a nice canned beer.

If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make fog horns out of?

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Time for a pint…

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