Siciliano’s Market

After the mentions I have made about Siciliano’s in the past, I find it odd that I have not yet taken the time to actually do a virtual tour of the place.  Up until recently the only places for me to go for reliable brewing supplies consisted of two places.  The first is the Bell’s General Store (which is my regular) the second is Siciliano’s.  Although Siciliano’s is roughly an hour away for several years they were my only contact point for contest drop offs throughout the state.  Of course, this doesn’t even bring out the fact that they also have their own home brew contest every year with some pretty big prizes.  This year the best of show winner won a trip to Sierra Nevada’s beer camp. 

The store is more than just a beer store.  In fact Steve Siciliano mentions in their history that it was when they added home brew supplies that the store really took off.  Now they not only offer great selection (they even recently expanded) but they are also one of the few places around South West Michigan to help those willing to explore more than just beer and wine.  As I am moving more toward cheeses that require a bit more I am looking to these guys for the cultures I will be needing.
(Wow, I almost feel like an advertisement right now)

I think probably one of the more interesting visits for me was a few years ago when I built my first kegerator.  It was Steve Siciliano himself who helped me find all the equipment I needed for the build out.  Come to think of it, it was here that I bought my Blichman Beer Gun. 

That is probably one of the best parts about the store.  They are small enough to offer really good customer service will still being big enough to have a great selection . 

Time for a pint…

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