Studies in Mycology

The oyester mushrooms are still working.  I have been taking pics of them everyday to get an idea of the growth cycle.  The speed of growth is interesting; it makes me wonder about the life cycle of yeast.  Considering I don’t have the lab equipment to examine yeast growth on a more personal level, at least I can watch my mushrooms growth and get an idea of what is happening inside my fermentation bucket. 

 Each of these pics were taken roughly a day apart.  I started photographing the growth a day or two after I first noticed some growth.  The growth prior to recorded growth wasn’t enough for me to record (at least in my view). 

 As you can see in this pic when changes are happening they are actually happening pretty fast. 

 Mind you, the only real work in this whole process is remembering to spray the shroom with water everyday.  I spend roughly 30 seconds twice a day with the beast.

 At this point you can see what looks like the ribs beginning to form.  It is my hope that in the next day or two the stalks should open up and take on the appearance you would expect from an oyester mushroom.

I do believe it is time for a pint…

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