Bell’s Homebrew Competition

As it turns out, I will be entering into one contest this year after all.  This past Saturday marked the start of the 3rd year of the Bell’s Homebrew Challenge.  They work this contest a bit differently than most other contests.  First, there is no entrance fee (crazy, right).  Then it gets even better.  They actually provide the base wort.  You heard this right, they give the contestants 5 gallons of wort ready to be boiled, hopped, and played with any way you see fit.  I have wanted to get in on this for the past couple years; free wort is free wort, you can’t go wrong.  But as always my work schedule kept me from participation. 

A good portion of the day was spent waiting for the distribution of the wort (stand around time).  Of course there were some homebrew related reps there to talk beer, brewing, and equipment.  Of course an even better special was dollar off beers if you were wearing Bell’s apparel.  I ended up with an Oktoberfest (love having beers at the Eccentric, always something you don’t find outside).  

It will probably be sometime next week when I talk about what I did with the wort I received. 


There was a prize drawing at 12:30.  Sadly, I won nothing (I think I was cheated). 

Larry Bell put in an appearance. 

The path to wort was through the brew house.

Time for a pint…

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