Sure, why not

Being the fan I am of things fermented and various fungi, it is actually amazing that I have never done this before.  That is until a recent trip to the store, when I found it passing by the flower section.  I am talking about growing some mushrooms.  Granted we all have had various experiments growing in a fridges that no one really wants to think about, but to actually grow some edible fungus.  Now that could be an interesting experiment. 

This is the kit I am currently working with.

Buying a mushroom kit is actually even easier than brewing beer from a kit.  Just cut into the bag and then soak it for a bit.  Then keep it in a cool dark place for a little more than a week.  In just a few more days I should have some oyester mushrooms ready to harvest. 

In the meantime check out this cool mushroom farm tour of Far West Fungi I found while doing some research into mushroom farming. 

Time for a pint…

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