Variety (available on BBC 4)

At one point in my life MTV played music videos.  But I remember when they were starting to change up their programming a bit (mid to late 80s, yes they were doing it way back then).  Not only were they trying out a game show or two (Remote Control was horrible but still a classic in my mind).  But they also were bringing in some classic British programming with The Young Ones and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. 

There was a skit on the Flying Circus showing the great programming available on the BBC; every show revolved around poofs in some way shape or form, except for the show about the flying ace Biggles.  Kinda makes you think about our beer choices back in that time as well.  Every beer revolved around a similar theme and we were lucky if there was something that stood out (but was equally crappy). 

Wow, I am not sure what even brought all those thoughts up tonight.  My original thoughts for tonight were of a trip to a local used book store recently.  I go to the place usually looking for interesting cooking or beer related books (I picked up my copy of A Cook’s Tour by Anthony Bourdain from this place many years ago).  Of course I always end up in the sci fi and fantasy section as well.  The two sections are on such opposite sides of the spectrum its crazy.  Cooking is right inside the doors when you enter the store.  Sci fi and fantasy is in the basement in a well hidden corner (makes you think they are trying to hide the unwashed geeks from the eyes of normal people). 

I did find a few new writers and titles I will be checking out soon, but what struck me more was the realization I had while looking through books in the basement.  I ran across quite a few names I had never seen before.  There was a time in the 80s (maybe even early 90s) when a good number of people holding high stress, high profile jobs began leaving those jobs in search of a new life.  Many turned to writing, so much so that we were seeing a glut of new books on the shelves bearing similar themes.  At the time the mantra was “breaking into writing is impossible, the market is saturated.”

Has anyone ever mentioned to you that history is cyclical?  The themes are the same, it’s the players that change.  If there is a glut in the market, how come new stuff is coming out all the time?  Every now and then (and lately a bit more often) we hear talk about all the breweries popping up.  People are leaving their chosen occupations hoping to stake a claim in entirely new territory.  The talk comes to how much more can we take?  How long till we reach a super saturation point? 

The real question should be when will the cycle change again?  It is then that what we are seeing now will begin to right itself again.  Explosive growth eventually reaches a plateau and levels off.  Makes you wonder what it will all look like when it reaches that point. 

Time for a pint…

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