Green Tea Wheat (Kolsch)

Here we go, this should be a strange one.  The wheat is under way, and going like clockwork.  I don’t have as much green tea as I thought, but this works for starting light anyway.  We could say I planned it like this, ya know, using a lighter touch to see how it turns out.  But we all really know that I don’t usually work that way. 


7lbs Red wheat
6lbs pale malt

.5 oz Sterling (7% aa) 60 min
.5 oz Sterling (7% aa) 20 min
1 oz Czech Saaz (3% aa) 5 min

12 bags green tea added to boil kettle during lauter (remove when lauter is finished)

110 degrees 20 minutes
152 degrees 1.5 hours

Boil for 1.5 hours
1 quart (starter) WLP 029 Kolsch yeast

There really isn’t too much going on recipe wise for this beer.  The desired beer is something light and super easy to drink.  Of course, it should finish out roughly around 7 percent, so it may be light an easy but in the end it may have a hidden punch. 

Time for a pint…

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