Transferred: Heather Agave Mead

It was time but I also had to do the transfer today.  Tomorrow I will be brewing a Kolsched wheat, though I am not certain if I will be doing anything else to it as yet.  Let’s get into the first thoughts and then we can step into other business.

The mead is finishing out at roughly 13.5% and is again a dry mead.  But wow, the agave is a strong force in this one.  There is a bit of tequila burn but only slightly.  I also found hints of vanilla, not sure where those are coming from as yet though.  Currently the tequila notes are so strong that the heather seems a bit drowned out.  It will be interesting to see how this one turns out after it mellows a bit.  I figure I may actually go to bottle next month with it. 

As I mentioned a minute ago, I am getting set for tomorrow’s brew day.  I have some Saaz and some Sterling hops and I already have the Kolsch yeast starter going.  But after that I am not sure what direction I will be taking, other than the main base malt will be wheat.  I have considered using some spruce tips.  But I also have a few pounds of blueberries sitting in the freezer as well.  Of course I have been wanting to make a green tea beer for some time so that is on the table too.  Sometimes this being your hardest decision of the day can be a very good thing.

I hopefully will be starting a new part time job this week, working as a wine merchandiser (ya, stocking some shelves).  It is always good to get a bit more perspective on other aspects of the industry (beverage as a whole).  The physical I took today was probably one of the most invasive I have ever experienced short of my time in the Marines.  I don’t want to go into too much detail but I will say that I did have to turn my head and cough. 

I do believe it is now time for a pint…

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