Larger Than Life

I had this thought recently.  Of course, it made perfect sense when I had it so I wrote it down knowing that it would be a post in the future.  The only thing I wrote down though were the words “Larger than life.”  Granted these three words can lead a person down quite a few paths.  But I know I had something specific in mind.  (Have you ever felt like Sean Connery in the film Medicine Man?  “Haven’t you ever lost something? Like your keys?”

For a good portion of today I have been trying to figure out what the cryptic message means.  I am drawn to two different destinations.  The first is of course beers and brewing.  The other lands in our mental image.  Seems like two different areas, unless of course when you consider that advertising has been building brands into our self image for many years now.  That isn’t the direction I am going right now but you never know we might get back to that.

I had a job interview yesterday.  I haven’t done one of these in quite some time.  It reminds me again of how much I really don’t like talking about myself (hard to believe if you have been reading here for any length of time, I know).  You can call it a weird mental block but it is far easier for me to write than it has ever been to talk.  But aside from that, I am refering a bit more to talking about yourself in a positive way.  If you have been on a job interview you know what I mean.  I have always found a bit of self deprecating humor to be an easy way to diffuse the whole discussion away from directly addressing my flaws or positive aspects. 

I like to think that I am not the only person who suffers from this type of thinking.  It is normal for us to fall into our own universe of thought (or maybe I am the only one who thinks like this).  The crazy thing is, the descriptor “Larger Than Life” is not one that we ever give to ourselves.  For the most part we tend to have a name for people who begin to believe their own hype, and it isn’t something pretty.  I like to think that the neutral (kinda the ph of mental sanity) position is to not realize your importance to the world around you.  The extreme ends of the scale fall into the thoughts of not being important to any one and then thoughts of thinking you are the most important thing on the planet. 

Beer and breweries fall within the same guidelines.  Honestly you could use this scale for just about anything really.  But the important part of this is how it is all portrayed.  There is the healthy version of hey are beer is great and all that, we even have the extreme of “our beers start from pristine lakes, carried by the bucketful by big breasted milk maids.”  The funny part of all this, at one time it was the crazy that seperated it all (and still is for the mainstream).  I guess we have to decide how far into crazy we are willing to allow our psyches to travel. 

I am not sure that this has taken us to our destination of discovering what the term “larger than life” means in all this mess.  We did decide that it isn’t a term that you give to yourself.  (reality) For the most part most don’t even use those words as an actual descriptor anyway.  My thoughts here are when you are at that neutral ph place in your mind, you don’t really see the hype that others are throwing around you.  Certain beers just like people to the outside world are “larger than life” the hype that surrounds them is so much greater than what they really are; a beer is still a beer, a person is still only a person (even Mother Theresa was simply a nun). 

Time for a pint…

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