Kathy Phillips

I am a huge fan of the radio shows (and podcasts) that are popping up, devoted to great beer.  It is a sure sign that better beer is becoming recognized by those who do not live it every day.  Kathy Phillips hosts the Better Beer Show, on station KFQD out of Alaska. 

The Better Beer Show is live every Saturday from 3-5pm.  You can also check the podcasts from the KFQD website.

Stolen from their site

 And now on to the questions…

1.      What was the beer moment, when you knew you wanted to become involved with the craft beer renaissance?

I discovered craft beer about 10 years ago, but it wasn’t until December of 2009 that I conceived the notion of drinking on the radio as a means of highlighting the craft beer industry here in Alaska.  Since I was the Program Director of a talk radio station, it worked out. I’ve moved on from that station, and I started a new incarnation of that original show last November called “The Better Beer Show”.

2.      If you could have any beer in your hand right now, what would it be?

The cheap answer is, “The one in my hand,” but I think you want something a bit more specific.  I prefer pilsners, wits, and hefeweizen, but also enjoy stouts, porters and barleywines.  I try to drink local, but do occasionally branch out to other regions or countries. Among my favorites are Midnight Sun Brewing Company’s Panty Peeler and Treat, Alaskan Brewing’s White and Summer Ales, King Street Brewing’s Pilsner and Cherry Wheat and Kassik’s Whaler’s Wheat.

3.      Can you describe your beer life in a song lyric/title?  If so what would you choose?

“Take It to the Limit”

4.      Do you have a steady beer, or do you like to “play the field?”

I like to play the field..life’s too short to drink bad beer, or to keep from trying all the great options out there.

5.      Crowded smoky bar or back porch watching the clouds float across the sky?

I prefer a back porch, but here in Anchorage, the weather can conspire against one…thankfully our bars have smoking bans in place, so if we can’t enjoy our patio, we can still enjoy a quality craft beer.

And the lame one…

If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make fog horns out of?

If I had more delicious beer in me I may have answered fog…but having lived on a boat in Juneau for a few years, I can tell you they are usually made of a non-corrosive metal, with some plastic resin parts.  Unless you’re talking about the ones people take to ball games, which is a metal tube filled with I think liquid nitrogen.
Time for a pint…

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