Bluring the Lines

In fantasy stories from time to time we run across a world that lives inside our world.  I am thinking of Harry Potter right now (mainly because we were watching the second movie earlier).  In those stories there is the magically world residing inside our mundane world threatening to cross over and expose itself at any given moment.  Many love these stories for what they are stories.  And then there are others who deride the stories because they are not “original,” claiming that J.K. Rowling stole her ideas.  The thing is, this “theft” is something that has been happening for ages, maybe even as long as there have been stories. 

This isn’t going to be a defense or attack at literary theft.  This is an exploration into different worlds, worlds that actually do exist inside the mundane world we all live in.    As crazy as it sounds, we see it everyday (or maybe we don’t).  One of the worlds that lives on the outskirts is the gaming world.  To the mundane, this world is dominated by fat, lazy, basement dwellers, usually between two different age groups; pimply faced tweens or 30 somethings still living in their parents basement.  To think that a girl might be in this grouping (let alone a hot chick) is akin to unicorn sightings.  Yes, bigfoot has been spotted more often. 

Following in similar patterns, we find the dwellers within the beer world.  On some occasions those who live here are viewed the same as the mysterious gamer.  Granted drinking is a more socially acceptable form of entertainment but this is another place where the lines are blurred.  Playing games is also socially acceptable, as long as it is something that is socially approved.  Think about this, and imagine how these relate to each other. 

Still don’t see it do you?  It’s kinda like a Venn Diagram where the answer sits in the middle but the items on the outskirts rarely ever come close together.  Monopoly is a socially accepted form of gaming.  Throwing back a few beers while watching football is socially accepted drinking (remember that the majority still drink BMC beers).  Both of these activities can be mutually exclusive and perfectly innocent in the mundane world. 

We go to the other extreme and the world turns a corner.  A convention is when the worlds show a bigger glimps of themselves for the mundanes to gawk at.  Wait the beer world doesn’t have conventions?  Well, for beer we call them fests.  This is the highest level where mundanes really intermingle with the magicals (was that too soon?).  Mind you, the interaction of the mundanes in either of these worlds tends to fall into safe zones.  They tend to stick within the areas they feel most comfortable. 

Where was I going with all this? 

I guess the long and the short of it is, we all live in a secret world of our own devising.  More often than not we begin to think our secret world is known to everyone, but the reality is, the person next to you is living in a world slightly different than your own.  And in that world, there may even be a unicorn (or at least a hot chick gamer). 

Time for a pint…

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