Yep, it’s come and gone.  Though I did not spend my day drinking IPA after IPA I did manage to fit a black IPA in as well as a couple beers that weren’t IPAs.  It has turned into an interesting day anyway. 

Turned out that Hophead Fred is now in town (as in just got into town from Arizona).  We met up at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe for a quick pint.  I do mean quick too, he had been traveling for roughly 10 hours.  As is the normal way of doing it (at least for me anyway) considering I was at Bell’s I refuse to have anything I can get anywhere.  Instead I look for beers that are only available at the cafe. 

I started with the habenero beer (the one that had won last years home brew contest).  It was very nicely done.  The spice did not over power, instead it slowly builds the more you drink the beer.  I also ended up partaking in their black rye, another well done brew.  Of course, both of these beers are only available at the cafe.  Call me crazy but it seems a bit odd to me to come to the cafe to drink Oberon, especially when it isn’t Oberon release day.  I mean you can pick it up in your local supermarket.  I am finishing out the day with my black IPA.  It really does make for a nice finish for the night. 

With that said, I think I should finish out this pint so I might have another…

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