Looking Ahead

I am still working through what changes I will be making here in the near future.  A big change (and I do think it is about time that it happened) will be moving into a web page format.  I can honestly say that for the most part my posts have not followed any kind of pattern.  Usually they end up being whatever I felt like doing that day.  My goal is to change that. 

Never fear, my inane ramblings will continue.  But at the same time, with areas like videos and such I believe I need a better format to bring those to bear.  In the future I intend to not only do more cooking videos but also brewing videos as well.  As we find with beer itself, it is just too big for us to settle solely on one aspect. 

So in the end, if it feels that I am a little sporadic for a little bit here, keep in mind that I am renovating to better share beer’s message…

Time for a pint…

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