I will start today by showing off a bit of our garden’s progress.  The amazing thing is, even with the drastic dry heat we have had this year we are getting some great growth.  It looks like we should be getting a decent harvest. 

We always try to plant marigolds with our tomatoes.  They are supposed to help keep down the bad bug population.

 Three of our tomato varieties.  The top left is beef steak.  The top right is unknown to me (gift from the flats my parents planted this year).  This one on the left is a spontaneous.  Apparently some of the tomatoes we lost last year decided they wanted to grow again this year (bonus).  This one is a yellow pear and is producing a decent yield already. 

A first for this year, tomatillos.  This plant is producing a huge amount of buds.  Should be a good year for green sauces. 

Our zucchini plant has already given up some goods, and by the look of it more are on the way.

In other news…
I am working on some format changes for the way my postings play out.  My plan is to create posts that follow a more structured pattern.  This doesn’t mean that I will be more organized (that seems tantamount to actual work).  My thought process is more along the lines of certain days will mean a certain type of post.  It wasn’t too long ago that I was falling into that pattern, at least a little bit (but of course I allowed myself to be sidetracked, go figure). 
I haven’t as yet figured out the exactly how the full layout will work as yet.  Although I do have a good idea for one of the new segments.  I am referring to it as questions of note.  The idea behind the segment is basically a mini interview.  I will be sending out a word doc with five questions, plus one lame one to people who in some way shape or form have an impact on the beer community (possibly moving on to food and booze in general as well).  At this time I will most likely posting these on Fridays.  Along with the questions I will also be giving a bit of info about person (bio stuff).  I think this might even be fun (as well as a bit different). 
How bout we find a pint…

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