Potato, potahto

Have you noticed a trend in your favorite breweries beers of late?  The reason I ask stems from some of my readings recently.  You see there has been some changes in line ups for many breweries.  It isn’t something you may notice right away, they do it all quiet like (like a fish).  Many breweries are slipping into a pattern of slowing done on their “flagship” beers and moving to a more seasonal/ experimental nature. 

There are a number of ways to view this.  First being the need in the US to find the next better thing.  Consumers tend to follow different trends like a kitty chasing the red dot from a pointer light.  Not that this is a bad thing (for the most part), a brewery needs to be on its toes to keep up with the changes.  Another aspect is consumer tastes change and develop over time (this is a bit more involved than just chasing the next big thing).  As the palate is exposed to more and more flavors it is forced to expand and grow.  As a baby you might have been happy as a claim with strained peas, but as an adult?  I didn’t think so. 

Yet another aspect can be blamed on the slow food movement.  Food and beer have been going hand in hand for many years now.  The slow food movement centers on local and in season.  More and more we find consumers following suit with their beer choices.  With the birth of nano breweries and proliferation of brew pubs it becomes so much easier to find something local.  It becomes even better when you can pair it with fresh seasonal foods. 

When we look down the road, it could very well be that the flagship mainstay beers of a brewery are dependant of the season.   Imagine a breweries porfolio changing every three months.  Sounds crazy, but sometimes crazy wins…

Time for a pint…

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