Much ado about nothing

As I sit at my desk, staring at the beer in front of me, searching for words of wisdom to impart (cause ya, I am just that important), I find myself being drawn back to the glass.  For starters, the beer I am drinking right now is one from a demo done by the guys from Bell’s general store.  If nothing else it’s a pretty decent rye.  But weren’t we just looking for words of wisdom?

Sometimes that is the problem.  We put so much emphasis on beers, our weighted importance is greater than the sum of the parts.  The beer in the glass before you is simply that, a beer.  It is meant to be drunk (drank? Imbibed?).  Occasionally you might even savor one.  I know that sounds crazy, but when was the last time you had a beer in your hand, sitting on your back deck, and just watched the clouds go by?  More often than not we are looking for something more than simply the beer in the glass in front of us (that is if you use a glass, maybe even that is too much to hope for).

To many, that simple beer is an alcohol conveyance system and only there as a way of bringing inebriation.  The flavor, the presentation, those are only superfluous irritations and completely in the way of the full on production of drunkenness.  Or maybe you follow the opposite path and the buzz is merely a by product of the experience of the nectar as it finds its way past your lips.  But in the end it is only a simple beverage and it stakes no claim on how you wish to enjoy it.  This of course is where you can find it amazing.  Something so simple, allows itself to be perceived and interpreted in so many different ways, a complex social dynamic simple from just existing.  

Perchance the idea that I am pondering this whole situation lends credence that I myself am guilty of doing more than just existing in the moment of the glass.  Does the internal reflection of the pint diminish the simplicity of the pint?  If so would that mean that the pint could cease to exist while we think about it?  (wow that sounds pretentious)  I mean really the pint is disappearing because I am sitting here drinking it while I type.  Often that is really how it goes.  No matter how you wish to enjoy the pint before you, in the end you have consumed it and are sorely in need of another… 

Speaking of another pint…

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