Project: Wine rack

Unless I decide to decorate this one (though I might varnish to help it last longer) the rack is finished.  It ended up big enough that I can fit 2 cases in it if I so desire.  The great part of this project is the ease of the build out.  With a nice hard wood say oak (fitting for wines) or cherry you could easily have a very decorative addition to your aging room. 

The cutting of the center pieces was the more
labor intensive portion of the project.

With this simple design it is easy to add more rack space, simply by making another unit.  And this design is a fantastic space saver. 
Time for a pint… 

4 thoughts on “Project: Wine rack

  1. Nice work, sir! Hopefully, I'll be in a new house soon and looking to turn its small basement into a wine/beer cellar. I may hit you up for some dimensions. 🙂 I'm glad your first one was with plywood and not one of the nice harder woods you mentioned. Not that it looks like you had any problems. Enjoy your new storage!

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