Working, It Happens…

I did some cutting today.  The perimeter boards for the first wine rack (box?) have now been cut out. 

I know what you might be thinking.  Yes, the boards I am using are particle board.  Aesthetically, this one won’t be the most pretty to look at, but then, I also know that my talents with wood working are very limited.  As always, when I take on a project like this it is with the intention of just doing it.  I am hoping that I don’t come across as someone who is the master at any of this.   Most of the time I am just learning like many who are out there looking for new ideas to do more with what they have. 
I am pretty sure my garage isn’t too much different than most other men out there.  For some odd reason I actually have an abundance of particle board sheets sitting around with pretty much no purpose for them.  So what do you do?  Make a wine rack or three, make a drying box for dried foods, heck there can be any number of other jobs you can do around the house with stuff like this. 
You may be like me, my meads sit in the brewery/pub in the basement.  I am more concerned with something sturdy for storage than I am with how pretty the storage might be.  My meads are currently stored in cardboard wine boxes (though sturdy, they are no where near as sturdy as wood). 
While we are on the subject of meads, I will be making a new one this week.  Right now I am still sitting on some agave (including dark agave).  My current thoughts for this mead will include the agave and possibly some heather tips.  I’ll probably set this one up around Wednsday or so. 
Now I will leave you with this, I am currently drinking one of the last bottles of the 2010 cider.  I know sometimes it can be hard to wait.  But after the first year or so in the bottle, apple cider will start to change.  It will reach a point where it loses the fresh green apple flavor and moves into a sweet apple nectar.  Though it can be hard to wait that long, when you make cider that clocks in around 9-12 percent, your wait will be rewarded. 
A master wine sommelier once told me that white wines are what you drink while waiting for your red wines to mature.  I think in this world we should focus more on small beer to tide us over while we wait for our big beers, ciders, and meads to reach the perfect age. 
Time for a pint (or at least finish off this 22 of cider)… 

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