Update: miscellaneous month

I am just past the halfway point and have gotten a couple things taken care of in this month without a brew day.  Probably one of the biggest was the new faucets and shanks.  I think it will end up being sometime in the coming week that I will do the work to get them installed into the kegerator (well after I do some cleaning work on them).

The banjo burner that went a little jeinky on me the last time I went to brew is now soaking.  I will be doing some cleaning work on it tomorrow and then I will test it to see if its a lost cause.  Yesterday I did the transfer for the sour starter.  That was an event.  I ended up probably losing about a couple beers worth in the transfer mishaps. 

During this next week I will be working on another build out project as well.  I currently plan to build my first wine rack.  I know it doesn’t sound fancy or glamorous but I do have quite a bit inch thick particle board.  This should work nicely as the main body.  I did some measuring earlier today and I think I should be able to set it up so that it can hold 2 cases of wine bottles (as long as they have the right shape for it).  This will be really nice in the long run as I make more meads.  Considering two cases is pretty much an entire 5 gallon batch, I will be able to house an entire batch of mead in each unit. 

I think this might be all I need to record for now so it may just be time for a pint…

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