Geek Moment

I was watching the new Conan movie earlier tonight.  I had a realization at one point during the movie (I mean aside from the fact that I am still partial to the original over this remake).  It was during the bar scene.  I realized that as far as bar scenes go, the only thing missing was an orc and this would have been the same bar scene that has been done in every fantasy movie for the past 20 years.  And now what you might find to be even worse…

The Cantina scene from Episode 4 of Star Wars (yes the original movie from 1976) was the same scene down to having a bar wench (Luke was so whiney he may as well have been a girl)  (wait did I say that outloud?).  And now speaking of Star Wars and bars I am reminded of a drinking game a friend told me about a little bit ago.  Watch this same first movie and drink everytime Luke gets whiney…

Time for a pint…

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