Its all gone sour

So, today was the day.  I transferred the Tequila Blonde and added some bugs, White Labs WLP 655 Belgian Sour Mix 1 to be exact.  The whole process was a bit more heated than what my would pass for my usual transfer day.

For starters I had forgotten to pick up a new spigot for my bottling bucket (though I am still not sure I even wanted to put bugs in the bottling bucket anyway).  This meant an entirely different way of transferring.  The “logical” choice was to add my bottling wand to the line attached to my auto-siphon.  Good idea, well unless the stopper on the wand wasn’t deployed.  Ya, there was a bit of beer splashed around unexpectedly.

I fully intended to replace my auto-siphon and transfer hose after I finished out the transfer today.  But I had other stuff sitting around that waiting to become casualties of war with bug infested beer flying around the kitchen.  I guess it was lucky that I had a sink filled with sanitizer from the bottles I had cleaned out.  If nothing else at least everything was soaked right away hopefully before anything was permanently fouled.

In the end I finished with the three gallons of sour starter that will now sit for 6 months before I pull out a bit to make my next sour beer.  I also have 8 champagne bottles of my first sour that will sit for at least the next 6 months while the bugs do their thing.  I believe it will be a good toast on the night I brew the next sour to be drinking the preceding sour.

I have stepped up my game a bit and am now using  Star  San for my sanitation needs.

The different incarnations of this recipe have now gained different names.  The Unsoured version is called Tequila Blonde.  I know, lame, but the agave nectar does it to me.  In six months when I crack open the first bottle, the soured version will take the mantle of Tijuana Morning.  My times crossing the border while in the Marines always gave me that sour feeling every morning after nights of Tequila and beer.  The name just seems fitting.  
So now, time for a pint… 

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