Brewer’s Apprentice

I have been reading The Brewer’s Apprentice (Greg Koch from Stone Brewing and Matt Allyn).  (I’m actually trying to think of something profound and wise to say here but its just not coming).  But then, the book is actually pretty good.  It is a brewing book but they dispensed with the usual rigamoral of most of the brewing books in print right now.  Instead they went from the perspective of professional craft brewers. 

Each chapter covers a different aspect of brewing, written in an interview format.  From my perspective, I find the stories associated with the different brewers and breweries a bit more fulfilling than yet another book going through the same motions as all the other home brewing books. 

When you get a chance check out the book, its well worth reading.  And now to save you from anymore of my inane rambling, I believe I shall go find a pint…

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