Chase the Rainbow…

July 9th Marked the first day of Short’s tap take over week at the Central City Tap House/ Epic Bistro in downtown Kalamazoo.  I figured it would be a good day to head into Kalamazoo and check out some of the festivities for Michigan Craft Beer Month.  Of course now, I am reminded what you are probably thinking already, it is Monday night in a college town.  What, you have no clue what it is I am referring to?  Out of the many bars in downtown Kalamazoo, the most popular is of course Harveys with 2 dollar you call its on a Monday night (so it tends to be more about the drunk instead of about the beer). 

This of course means that I won’t be bothered too much while I am in the tap house.  Silly me, I think it may be possible to enjoy a bit of quiet time while I sample some Short’s beers and think about what it is I am going to do for an article today.  As is normally the case, life happens while you are busy making other plans. 

Short’s Franken Pils- a cross over between a pilsner and a pale ale that comes across as a cream ale with pine and citrus notes.

While working on my first beer (Spruce Pilsner) I run across a friend who sits down and we commence talking beer.  Before you know it, we end up at a few other bars chasing tasty drafts. 

It was an interesting change up.  We started out with Spruce Pils moving into Franken Pils.  Both of these beers have a dominant spruce character.  Although it is the Spruce that kicks it hardcore with a beer that dominates your taste buds.  But it was when we made it to Food Dance that we encountered the next stage of evolution when it comes to more manageable beers.  We ended up drinking the Anniversary Ale.  So we went from incredibly hoppy and bitter to a more subtly hoppy beer with citrus and resiny notes that blend with the blood orange that makes up the main flavor profile. 

Before the end of the night we ended up at Kalamazoo Beer Exchange and then Shakespeare’s.  In the end it was a pretty good night sampling different Michigan beers and talking about beer.  With the college crowd mostly over at Harvey’s it made it much easier to find quiet space to enjoy the beers. 
Time for a pint…

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