Kegerator Project: Faucets

Under normal circumstances building a kegerator can be a simple project.  Have a fridge or freezer, drill some holes, buy and then install equipment, and finally load it up with beer.  But then who wants a simple project.  My first kegerator followed the initial pattern.  The learning process says that do it simply so you can see how it is done.  But then once you have done it, it is time to forge a new path. 

The new kegerator is designed to not only be a tapable spot but also it is set for lagering.  I have wanted to kill two birds with one stone and minimize some space.  You can find earlier work on this new kegerator here and here.  But in the end the reason we are here today is not to rehash the past.  It is time to look at the next stage that this build out will be entering. 

Earlier today I was given a gift from a friend.  You see, in his restaurant he has an area upstairs that seems to be a catch all for miscellaneous clap trap.  When he put in the bar that is now in the restaurant (mind you this new bar is very nice and eclectic and what not) the old bar was ripped out.  The old tower system though functional was fairly ugly, so it sat in his upstairs storage area forever.  That is till today, with a little gumption I set to work ripping out the parts that were important in order to feed the beast that is the new kegerator.  I am now the owner of some shanks and three faucets that just need a bit of clean up so they can go back into the service they were meant for. 

 The tower did look pretty sweet, but it would be way more work than it was worth to me for me to want to save it. 

There was quite a bit of insulation that needed to be removed to get at the shanks. 

The tap handles themselves I am not certain yet what I will end up doing with them.  I do like the PBR one in a hipster kinda way.  The Miller Light one will be cleaned up and the label will be removed so I can relabel it to my own liking, but no clue what to do with the Budlight one. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle, sometimes with a little elbow grease you can find some treasures that are well worth the effort. 

And now, I am in need of a pint…

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