The Session #65

The Session 65: So lonely…

The Session is a monthly event for the beer blogging community which was started by Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer. On the first Friday of each month, all participating bloggers write about a predetermined topic. Each month a different blog is chosen to host The Session, choose the topic, and post a roundup of all the responses received. For more info on The Session, check out the Brookston Beer Bulletin’s nice archive page.
 The Session this month is hosted by Nathaniel Southwood from Booze, Beats, and Bites.  The topic this month is going to the pub alone. 
There is an ugly stigma about drinking alone.  I won’t speak for other countries, but in the U.S. the Puritanical leanings are still so strong that to openly admit to enjoying alcohol in any way shape or form can be enough to gain the ire of others around you.  We all have vices, we all have dirty little secrets, but to talk about them openly, why, that is all but unheard of.  I mean, don’t tell anyone, but people have sex and stuff too. 
Personally, I do most of my drinking at home, where I more often than not drink alone.  Of course there are also times when I will end up at a pub, sans entourage.  Usually at times like that I will have a book with me or possibly even a writing pad (yep, at times I still use paper, I like the feel of a pen and paper for writing).  Its great, you can cut out all the distractions and focus solely on the pint and what task you may have before you.  At times when the beer is just right, you can completely forget that there are other people even there. 
There are a few places I go to that I may enter alone, but I know the people working there.  It is times like that, that you are never really alone.  You end up sitting up at the bar and more often than not end up engrossed in conversation with the bartender.  This is a great way to get anothers view on the flavor profiles of the pint, but you aren’t really alone. 
There is another instance that I seem to find more and more as craft beer is spread into the hearts of others.   There have been a number of occasions where I have gone into a pub alone only to find that halfway into the pint I am making new friends.  Beer is a social endeavor.  The more you drink the more you wish to share with those around you (speaking of discovery not just open drunkenness… Maybe your mind didn’t go that way, isn’t it sad that mine did…).  You see, when you discover that there is actual flavor in beer, it can be so shocking that you want to share this experience with others.   
I think that could be one of my favorite parts of the craft beer movement.  You are never alone in a room full of strangers.  The truth of the matter now is, you are amongst friends you just haven’t met yet.  Good beer is the great equalizer.  All you need do is listen and drink and then share some of your own stories. 
Time for a pint…

3 thoughts on “The Session #65

  1. Do you think there is an expectation there when you go into the pub alone to enter into conversation/discussion amongst others? I enjoy this banter and chat, but only when it is on my terms, and being alone means it is harder to fend off if you are just not in the mood for it. Nice post!pintsizedticker

  2. It can be easier to fend off when you have your nose in a book. But I also find where you sit can have a direct impact on how approachable you are. It has a direct correlation to how close you sit to the bar itself.

  3. Cheers for the post.I've had many moments where I literally just want to sit in a pub alone but there are times where I welcome, and even make conversation with people!

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