Transfer: Tequila Blonde

This is more of just a quick update to say ya, the Tequila Blonde has been transferred to secondary.  But at the same time it is to go on record to confirm a suspicion or two.  First things first, I of course always make a tasting sample of the beer pulled for gravity checks.  So far, its pretty good.  Well balanced and light, it should come out quite well when it is bottled and carbed up. 

And on that note I will only be bottling two gallons of this one.  This is the beer that will be the starter base for sours eventually.  Probably about the middle of next week I will make that change out and bottle the remainder.  My aim is to naturally carbonate.  With this I will be adding a sugar mix into the beer so that the yeast will have something to feed on for carbonating but also I will have a little something more for the bugs to feed on while it sits for the next six months getting ready to be a sourish brew. 

Now, a suspicion was confirmed with this ferment.  The yeast strain I used for this beer was a repitch from the golden pine beer I did not too long ago.  This beer finished out a little bit higher than it should have.  At the time I was thinking that the fluctuations of temperature from night to day that week had caused the yeast to stall out.  Turns out I can feel strongly that my suspicion was correct.  With as hot as it has been outisde we have had our a/c on constantly (meaning constant temps with almost no fluctuations).  So this beer maintained an ambient temp around 72 degrees (most likely rising up to 76 inside the bucket).  It finished out exactly where it should have and the flavors are spot on so far.  It is now sitting in the cold room (brewery/ pub in my basement) where it will sit in secondary at roughly 64 degrees for the next week. 

I guess the question I must ask myself now is, when I do the next transfer on this one do I want to inoculate it all before I bottle or just the three gallons I set aside for the sour starter.  In the end it could be interesting to see how this beer sours on its own.  I am intending to bottle into champagne bottles anyway so it could be an interesting experiment. 

Well, I think it’s now time for a pint…

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