Brewery Tasting: Mt. Pleasant Brewing Co.

As if having arguably the best selection of Michigan craft beer around Kalamazoo isn’t enough, Serafino’s hosted a tasting for Mount Pleasant Brewing Company on Saturday.  I spent a few minutes sampling a few beers and talking with Jeff Eddington from Mount Pleasant. 

They had a sampling of four beers Iron Horse IPA, Crazy Train Black IPA, Wit Dream Belgian Wheat, and Railyard Raspberry Wheat.  Of the four the one that struck my interest the most was the Crazy Train.  The flavor notes that are present in black IPAs has become a draw for me.                                                                                                       

Of course when you look at these offerings it seems about the norm for many breweries.  Mind you the beers were good but that in and of itself isn’t something that would make me drive to the brewery (if I was a normal person anyway).  For me personally, the conversation I had with Jeff is the selling point. 
When you can find the time to talk to one of the people making the beers at any brewery, you find the source for why their beers are the way they are.  In the craft beer world it is the brewers that are the heart and soul of the beers.  If it hadn’t been for our conversation, I am pretty sure I might not have ever seen their Sacred Gruit Ale.  We are talking old school beers here, beer before the use of hops for bittering.  Sacred Gruit uses yarrow, myrtle, and rosemary instead of hops.  This is something you don’t really see in this world of super hopped IPAs.
If you get a chance, check em out sometime.  And if you make it up to the brewery, tell Jeff hey for me.
Time for a pint…  

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