Craft Beer Month

Here we are, at the mid point of the year (essentially).  As I look around in the brewery I see that it has gotten to a point where I need to do a maintenance overhaul.  Have you ever had a time when it seems like you are running on empty in everything in the brew house?  Mind you, I have plenty of beer currently.  It seems that is never an issue.  But everything else is running low.

Realizing this fact has led me to the decision that this month will be a restock month (I used a month last year to do the same thing… odd how that happens).  Funny how this happens on Craft Beer Month.  You would think I should be brewing all sorts of stuff this month, but it doesn’t always happen the way you want it to.  Instead of brewing (although I do have to do some work on the sour starter still this month) I will be restocking (co2, sanitizers, propane, and base grain) as well as working on a few projects that I have been putting off forever.

One project that I have been meaning to get to is a wine rack build out.  The idea is to set up a rack that can hold a case of bottles, eventually making enough for a few cases and having them stackable.

  Not incredibly fancy but very nice I think.  Basically I want a nice space to store meads.

Aside from this project I will also of course be doing tours and such, ya know the usual.  As always when you leave a gap in your day, something will rise up to fill it.  (Hopefully I might even get a chance to get some more pieces for the kegerator build out I have been working on.)

Enough of this, its time for a pint…   

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