Geeks of the World Unite

I am sure we don’t have to go into this again but yes, I am a geek.  I recently found out that at the geekiest convention of conventions, Gen Con, there will be a special tapping for a beer brewed especially for Gen Con.  Yes, it’s true, even geeks are jumping on the craft beer band wagon. 

Although at this time the beer is not yet named, the brewery that will be brewing this special beer is Sun King Brewing Company out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  The official Gen Con Facebook page has some pics up showing their tour of the Sun King facility. 

Aside from the geek cred that this brings up, it also brings up an interesting thought about the community that craft beer invokes.  With big beer it is more of a muscle push to shove their beer in your face by claiming that their beer is what quantifies the event.  But with many craft brewers it is more of a group effort to design something that is felt represents the situation (as I sit here thinking of what I just said, I wonder how odd those sentences sound). 

Now granted it is in no ones best interest for a brewery to work with just anyone to create something.  The logistics alone would be horrendous.  But when the event is big enough, and Gen Con is huge, the possibility of creating something to commemorate the event can be a huge thing for both the event and the brewery.  Ya never know, this may go over so well that they create an annual event with a new tapping every year. 

I think it may be time for a pint…

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