He Said Beer, She Said Wine

I have been reading He Said Beer, She Said Wine.  From what I have seen so far, it is pretty informative.  It has been a while since I have gone through any formal wine training, so the information that Marnie Old has put in the book has been a good brush up. 

Although the book was written in 2008, for the most part pairing information does not change too much.  One discrepency that I did notice was the use of the old tongue map.  In this older training it was believed that certain parts of the tongue would specifically taste certain tastes (wow that sentence seems awkward).  How about an example to bring this across a bit better.  It was once believed that certain parts of your tongue were geared toward certain tasting notes (i.e. the tip picked up sweet, the back picked up bitter). 

New studies have given evidence that our original thinking on this was a little off.  It is now believed that the taste buds actually can find all five flavors equally.  This article goes into pretty good detail about the whole tongue map issue (I would hope so since its all sciency and stuff).  But I do digress…

Wow, how did I end up getting almost completely off topic?  Anyway, the book is actually pretty good.  I have gained a bit of new insight into what goes into making wine.  A few tidbits:  I knew that it is the skin of the grape that determines the color of the finished wine.  The skin is what gives red wine the tannic flavors and its red color.  I also knew that some white wine is made from red grapes but the skin and seeds are removed so that it stays crisp and clean with no tannins.  Something I did not know, even with white grapes the skin and seeds are still removed to again keep away color and tannins. 

If you haven’t already, check out the book.  It is well worth your time. 

Speaking of time, we should all know what time it is now…  


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