Brew Day: Tequila Blonde

This was an interesting brew day.  After fighting with the past couple of days of running into so many different roadblocks to getting the brew going, I finally say that no matter what I will be brewing today.  Sure enough, I run into a major road block.  The brew pot is on the burner ready to heat up the water for the mash.  Turn everything on and go to light the gas… nuttin.  This does not boed well.

After roughly an hour of fighting and cussing at different apparatus I finally get some flame.  It helps to have back ups, even for your burners.  I finally had to break open my other turkey frier.  Turned out that my older burner was gunked up from the occasions of boil overs (had an ugly one the last time I brewed but thats a different story).  So now I will be working on getting that burner cleaned up and working again. 

The main portion of this brew will be hit with bugs in a week or so, so that it can sit in secondary on oak getting all good and sour.  It will be at that time that I bottle roughly 2 gallons as the Tequila Blonde (working title).  Similar to the Tequila Sunset (a wheat beer brewed with agave), this beer is a belgian blonde brewed with agave.  I have considered calling it Tequila Morning (but that seems a bit more geekish and trite than I normally like to be). 

A little bit of video for some hot wort action…


12lbs Pale malt
1.5 lbs Agave Nectar
.5 lbs sugar (just straight on table sugar, I didn’t even caramelize it)

.5 oz Sterling  7 aau  60 min
.5 oz Sterling  7aau   20 min
1oz Czec Saaz 3 aau 5 min

Dough in at 110 degrees
Sacchrification 150
Mash out   165

1.5 hour boil

When I go into secondary I will be adding priming sugar for the beers to be bottled as well as a bit more food for the bugs to munch on while it is working toward sour. 

Time for a pint…


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