A Rose by any other Name…

I am feeling a little bit like Andy Rooney right now.  I very much want to go into a long winded (like I would do anything less) rant about the inanity of celebrity lines of beer.  What’s more, the beers in question are tied to musical groups or singers.  You can’t really say that it started with Badass Beer (Kid Rock’s lager that was contract brewed by Michigan Brewing Company).  Such things have happened for many years.  Now Motorhead is pushing a line of beer called amazingly enough, Motorhead. 

From a business stand point, you do gain an advantage when you diversify your investments.  It helps to protect your financial portfolio.  When there seems to be a major trend shift toward craft beer, it seems logical that you can gain a good foothold into something with growth potential this way.  But it does cause you to wonder, other than the names, what exactly have the artists involved put into the life of the product.  Most likely, they have marketed only their name (and of course with that their persona which technically has more market value than the actual star does on their own). 

With that in mind, doesn’t it seem said that in the end you will find quite a number of people will end up buying these beers solely because of the name involved.  I confess that I bought Outhouse Water (supposedly cleaned waste water that was bottled for sale) when the company (cause I can’t remember who bottled the stuff) offered the stuff for sale.  Ya buy it just for the name to say that you did.  I have to wonder just how long these beers will last once the novelty of the name wears off.  Do they have the strength of a well brewed beer to support something more than a fanciful fad?

Before I get to cynical I think I might just find a pint…

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