Contests: ABC Brews Crews 2012

Saturday the 9th of June was the 6th annual Arbor Brewing Company home brew competition.  I spent the day helping out as a steward.  This was the first contest I have been able to view from this side of it and I will say it was an interesting experience.  I did most of my work during the round of judging after lunch.  This was the time when some of the largest categories were being judged. 

We had the specialty beer category, so we were ready for something that could be immensely aweful or at the very least outlandish.  Our flight didn’t have anything too off the wall, mostly some barrel aged stouts.  The stand out in my mind had been a Scottish 80 that had been aged in a whiskey barrel.  That is until I joined another group in our section after my flight was done.  We ran into a ginger “beer.”  This one had no malt and no hops and had a flavor similar to ginger ale (but with alcohol).  Though it was not technically a beer it was incredibly well done. 

This was my first time to the Corner Brewery. Its a great pub with a focus on local atmosphere.

Group shot of the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild, the group who did the leg work to make this great event happen.

 Best of show judging table.  Some well brewed beers made it to this point. 

 The awards ceremony took place in the beer garden. 

The happy winner of the BOS Mead category.  Top prize was a specially commissioned hand blown goblet. 

Sadly the brewer who won BOS for beer was present for the awards ceremony.  This brewer will be taking part in recipe formulation and brewing the beer on Arbor Brewing Companies brew system. 

Time for a pint. 

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