Maybe you are not at this point yet in your life or maybe you have already passed through it.  Today my oldest daughter graduates from high school.  She finished course work last week and so had the past week off to do all the preparation stuff for today when she walks and receives her diploma. 

As I normally do with most of my writing, I spent some time working this out in my head and came up with this great analogy comparing the growth of our children to fine wine or well aged barley wine.  We have the stage where they are born (all the prep work has been done … ie sex).  This is true for alcohol as well.  The booze isn’t born until the fermentation has ceased. 

Next comes the aging.  Just like our children we need to provide the best environment we can, one that nurtures and protects as well as stepping away and letting nature do its job.  Sometimes that is the hardest part, knowing when to let go and let nature do its job.  It is our nature as parents/ brewers to fuss over our children.  We tend to think our way is the only way at times.  

At some point the time comes where we finally have to relinquish control and say this, this is what I have worked so hard for.  Graduation is a day of release not only for the child but also for the parent.  It is the time when we should let go of the past and look to the future.  Just as the day we release our various boozes for others to enjoy.  We must let go of any further attempts to change what we have allowed to grow. 

I think its time for a pint…

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