Sour Starter Prep

I will be doing the sour starter (similar to a barreled sour that is pulled from for blending) within the next week and a half.  As part of this I have been doing a little research to see what others have done and see if their is any wisdom to be gained. 

I found a few things worth sharing.  The first is an article from Raj B Apte.  The basic recipe cited is pretty simple and great for a starter culture.    This page is also a power house of information involving revolving around the whole process of brewing the sour.

Another great article comes from the Maltose Falcon’s website submitted by Drew Beechum.  This article isn’t quite as indepth as the last one but the information is quite good and makes for a quick read. 

This last bit to check out is a video done by the guys over at Brewing TV.  It’s a half hour video loaded with some good info, well worth checking out. 

And now, I think its time for a pint… 

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