Ya, they can change. 

Whether intentionally or due to unforseen events, sometimes you have to make adjustments.  This is what is happening to me today.  I did some work on a new video yesterday and today and had it uploaded to Youtube.  And then blammo, I find that they have taken issue with the video. 

Something within their copywrite protection software picked up something perceived in my video and linked it to something else entirely.  The part that annoys me most about all this is the fact that what is the perceived infringement has nothing at all entirely to do with what the video was about and did not enter into the video in any way shape or form. 

This is something we should always keep in mind, sometimes there will be forces completely outside our control that will get in the way of what we are trying to accomplish.  The best thing you can do is try as much as possible to cover your bases and protect yourself from misfortune. 

When I brew, I tend to have two propane tanks, the one I am currently using and a back up for just in case I run out of fuel.  This protects me from the off chance that I could run out when I need the fuel the most.  Maybe I am a bit neurotic but I like to be prepared.  It’s like ensuring to save your work while writing.  Nothing worse than losing an hour or two worth of writing (or even worse) when the power cuts out.  I have to say the power outage here earlier this week could have been an ugly experience if I had been writing at the time. 

I should have expected issues with this whole video set up this time around.  Even yesterday while filming we ran into battery issues at the end.  The camera we use has a built in battery and it had very little life left when we started filming.  The smart thing would have been to check the battery life in preparation of filming (but that would be too easy). 

The lesson to take away from all this is definate.  Cover your bases and have a contingency plan in place to cover the unforseen.  Cause you never know the crazy stuff that can crop up to pull you down…

Time for a pint…

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