I ran across the Q-Brew software through a Facebook post by the Screwy Brewer.  So I installed the software and updates and started playing around with it.  I have tested it against a couple of recipes I have already brewed and it is pretty close in accuracy to what my results were. 

A big thing about this version of the software is its tie in to kits.  If you are a kit brewer, quite a bit of the information from the various kit companies is present.  From a beginning stand point this is great because you can easily start in with the habbit of recording your recipe information.  It also allows for the possiblity of switching out kit pieces to formulate different beers than you might have with the stock kit. 

The style list is done alphabetically instead of by BJCP style category.  This is a disadvantage when you are brewing for competition and need the category number for your entry (inconvenient that you need to go to a different source for the info).  But it does make it easier when you are getting ready on brew day and want the style parameters in a hurry. 

Overall Q-Brew is simple and straight forward.  It also has the added benefit of being open source so there is the added benefit of usability updates from the people who use it.  Its worth a check out.

Time for a pint…


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