View from a Porch

It was the middle of the afternoon yesterday and out of the blue my power went out.  It was a hot day and such so sure it could happen that maybe the old wiring in our house finally gave out.  I grabbed a flash light and headed downstairs to the circuit box to flip some switches.  Sadly, after checking them all I was still without power. 

It turned out that either the grid was down or something had happened at the local sub station.  The power was not only down where I live but also all the way into Kalamazoo.  Turns out it was a perfect day to sit out on the back porch with a book and a beer. 

Although the pool takes up a huge chunk of the center of our back yard, there is still quite a bit of room.   It is probably my happy place during the summer to sit watching the clouds go by.  Right now the one thing I am missing back there is my hammock (it died to one of my kids last summer and I haven’t replaced it yet).

Here are a few pics of the sights that surrounded me while I was spending the day with the clouds, a beer, and a dog (Rascal, in case you are wondering)…

 Hey whats that noise?

 I swear there is a squirrel in that tree…

It does look like it is going to be another good day to have a pint out on the porch …


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