World Expo of Beer

I am going to start this today with a couple of apologies.  First and foremost, I forgot my camera yesterday (ya it happens) so I did not get any pics of the WEB happenings.  And secondly, I also apologize for not gracing you all with my words of wit and wisdom (cause yes I am that important and you hang on my everyword), I was at the WEB and it was a great day of beer.  

What is the WEB you ask?  It is one of the biggest summer beer festivuls in Michigan.  The World Expo is a fund raising event put on by the Frankenmuth Jaycees.  It has been happening for the past 10 years and features not only Michigan breweries but breweries from around the world (though with the huge Michigan beer scene, we are starting to take over the thing in a big way).  The proceeds from the event go to a number of charities. 

I showed up a few hours early for my volunteer shift because I wanted to get a glimpse of the set up work as well as the event itself (of course forgetting my camera was a bit annoying).  This did give me an opportunity to catch up with a few old friends and meet some new ones.  I spent a few minutes talking shop with Paul Starr from I’m a beer hound.  Check out the page, they have some good stuff happening over there.

I worked the Schmohz booth so I will start my tasting notes from there.  They brought Hopknocker (Imperial IPA 10%), Bone Crusher (Stout 7%), John T Pilsner (Pilsner 4.5%), Amber Tease (American Amber 5%), Treasure Chest (ESB 5%), Razzmanian Devil ( Raspberry Wheat 5%).  Of course working the booth I “had” to try them all, a couple of them required several samples to ensure they took.  The Caramel of the Amber Tease was amazing.  And the Hopknocker had some hop notes I couldn’t lay my finger on so I had to resample to try and pin them down. 

The Schmohz booth was next to Arcadia Ales and Blue Moon.  Blue Moon did a couple special tappings during the event on Friday night.  The big one was 7pm when they tapped their peanut butter wheat.  It was a bit wierd and I am not a fan of wierd unless their flavors make them something special.  I have to say this beer was actually really good.  The flavor profile was reminiscent of fresh roasted ball park peanuts.  Well, that is until you did a fun combo.  The Razzmanian Devil at the Schmohz booth mixed with the Blue Moon Peanut butter wheat made a really cool peanut butter and jelly sammich. 

I slipped over to the other side of the pavilion and invaded the B’Nektar booth, scoring a sample of Zombie Killer (Cherry Cysor 5.5%).  I have to say this be some tasty stuff.  Find it, drink it, you won’t be dissappointed. 

The last tasting of note comes from Dragonmead,  At the close of event, there is an after party for the volunteers in the special reserve pavilion.  One of the beers on tap was the Holy Smoke (German style Rauchbier 4.9%) from Dragonmead.  The smokiness was strong but tasty, it made the perfect paring with the pulled pork I had for dinner.

I feel some good was accomplished through out the night when I managed to share with those who had the mind set that they hated beer, some beers they might not have sampled otherwise.  At the Schmohz booth the Razzmanian was a big seller (its light and fruity without being sweet).  You could see them coming (mostly girls) kinda shy, afraid to say anything other than “Um, can I try the Raspberry” or even worse “What do you have that’s light?”  Some I was able to steer toward the Amber Tease (great caramel) as well as the Razzmanian.  But it wasn’t until close to closing time that three girls came to the booth, the first slammed her ticket onto the top of the jockeybox and said without hesitation “Bone Crusher!”  It was a great moment. 

I do believe that it is now time for a pint…


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