Craft Beer Week

Its Mother’s day.  Have you thanked your mother yet for not knocking the living daylights out of you for all the dumb stuff you did as a kid?  I have spent the day getting dinner ready for my mother and my wife.  We got the garden planted last night (at least the start of it).  This is pretty much the usual mother’s day present that my wife gets, flowers and such for the yard to make it pretty for the summer. 

This seems to be a pretty low way to start the celebration that will be American Craft Beer Week this coming week.  From the 14th to the 20th look around to find different events at your locals.  I know the week will be huge for me, or at least the end of it.  The World Expo of Beer is happening this next weekend.  I will be working the event on Friday this year.  Aside from just the opportunity of going to the event, I get to see a bit of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into making events like this happen. 

This should be a good week.

Time for a pint…

3 thoughts on “Craft Beer Week

  1. (Had a misspelling I didn't like) With my luck it will be doing something lame like parking cars. But workers do get access to the special beer tent, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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