Brew Day: Belgian Strong Golden

It’s been a fairly busy day today.  I didn’t have a chance to get most of the preliminary work down before I was able to start brewing prior to today, so I spent a bit of time getting ready to brew earlier today.  One of the biggest items was the candi sugar.  I had to get that caramelized and ready before I was even ready to think about touching brewing liquor to grain. 

For the candy sugar I have been looking for a way to thin it down a bit so it would still be liquid(ish) when I went to brew with it.  Of course, it is the most simple of methods that work the easiest.  After I reached the temp I wanted I added a little hot water to thin it down.  Aside from the steam bath that ensued it worked out quite well.  It was super easy to add to the wort.

At this time the wort is bubbling nicely. 

Here are the spruce tips that will be going into the boil shortly.
13lbs Pale Ale malt (2 row)
2 lbs Candi Sugar (sugar caramelized to 300 degrees f)
.5 oz (7aa) Sterling 60 min
.5 oz (7aa) Sterling 30 min
2 oz Spruce tips  20 min
1 oz (4.1 aa) Hallertau 5 min
Step mash
10 min at 110 degrees
1 hour at 149 degrees
Mash out at 165 Degrees
5 Gallon batch
Time for a pint while I finish this brew up…

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