More Space

I have thought for some time of adding cheese and sausage curing to the repertoire of what is made here at the house.  The question that always come into play is where do you put all this stuff.  When you break it down, we already have the fridge that is for family use (gotta have a place for food right). Then you add in the two beer fridges (1 is a built kegerator and the other is in process functioning as a lagering unit), and the freezers on these are both used for long term food storage.  We figured we had enough storage for every day items, so we didn’t really need the stand up freezer we have in the garage anymore.

Last night it hits me, with a temp control unit attached I can turn the freezer into a cheese cooler.  I know in retrospect this seems obvious.  But ya know, out of site is out of mind.  This freezer is in our garage and we haven’t been using it for a little while now.  Sure I see it on brew days or any other time I am in the garage, but cheese isn’t really on my mind at those times.

The really cool part about this is I won’t really need to modify any of the shelving.  Really the main part of this build out will be moving the freezer into the brewery (the basement) and then adding in the temp controller.  This freezer isn’t a frost free, so I don’t even need to worry about it running defrost cycles that might disrupt my cooling times. 
There is also enough space in here that I have plenty of room for long term cheese and sausage aging.  This means the possibilities are here for proscuito and parm among other products that take a long time to ripen.
Time for a pint…

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