From Grape to Grain

I have been reading Michael Jackson’s The Great Beers of Belgium.  In the book he points out a few times similarities between beer and wine.    Of course this is something the staunchest vinophile and cervesaphile will fight strongly against.  But the evidence is there, and can not be denied.  Now if you ask me, I do believe that the biggest similarity is the snobbery evidenced in both camps. 

That is the unfortunate similarity.  Now, when it comes to learning about both, to become an expert in both is a daunting undertaking.  I find it a full time job just learning as much as I can about beer, and realize there is still tons more yet to learn.  I can barely fathom trying to learn the same about wine at the same time. 

The interesting thing to see here though, is when you give up your pretences and explore a little outside your focus, you will find a fresh new perspective.  For me, I have a friend who is very knowledgable of wine but also loves good German styled beers.  It makes for a good trade off when we can get together.   To spend time together over a good pint or glass of wine is really what its all about, isn’t it? 

From a brewing perspective, wine is only essentially two ingredients; the grape and yeast.  When you can explore the interplay of flavors of wine from a brewers perspective there is quite a bit to learn of how to bring out different flavors in your beers. 

Time for a pint…

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