Kegged: Dopplebock

Finally, after close to three months lagering, I have now kegged the dopplebock.  It takes a couple days after carbonating (quick carbonating tends to stir things up) for the flavors to meld and show themselves in the best light.  But as it is right now, it is pretty tasty.  The first time I brewed this recipe I used a bit more Munich Malt with no Vienna Malt, so this current incarnation is a touch lighter than what I made before. 

But by the look of it the finished beer turned out pretty nice.  From this sample I was able to pick up a touch of the roastiness of the Munich (which is something I loved in the first version).  I plan on bottling about half of this batch for aging and drinking the rest on draft. 

Of course this now leaves me with a slight dilemma.  I need a new beer to lager.  The Cascadian will lager till around this time next week (when it will also be kegged).  I just need something for long term cold aging.  Probably a pilsner will be in order.  Or I could do something crazy and make something akin to an American light lager (just cause I can).  Coming up though, I will be brewing something more Belgian inspired.  Its closer to some of the reading I have been doing lately.

Time for a pint…

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