On a nerdy roll…

I fully admit to being a fantasy, sci fi, DnD geek.  I have been a gamer for somewhere around 30 years, long before it was cool (is it cool yet?).  Of course there will always be different levels of game geeks; closet gamers (fantasy league players), video gamers (from hard core griefers to care bear story players), nerds (hard core pen and paper players), and even the live actioners (LARPers, SCA, war reenacters).  In all of these different groups there is something that binds them all together, if at least only on the fringe of their thought patterns.  It is an element of realism, in the sense of belonging to what they represent.  I know that sounds odd, I’ll get into it a bit more in a minute.  (personal aside: I love the reaction that fantasy leaguers have when you compare them to DnD nerds.  It is the same thing just with a different fantasy)

My personal brewing journey in part stems from a quest to find the truth in much of the gaming I have experienced.  This is why I first started making meads.  I wanted to experience the beverage of the vikings.  It helps that this is also something that my ancestors might have consumed as well.  Much of what is used in literature for consumables stems from history (not as a rule, sometimes people just make stuff up).  One better, in some of the later Star Wars stories, Lando Calrissian introduced Luke Skywalker to hot chocolate of all things.  But I digress…

So, we know that mead, wine, and beer in its myriad forms are all real.  The question I have had for quite some time has been about something called Grog.  It is something most often mentioned in passing usually related to pirates. 

I did a bit of digging (finally, ya this wasn’t really a burning question).  Turns out that grog is the term for the sailors ration of water mixed with beer to make it safe to drink.  Later it was mixed with rum.  As was the norm for the time water wasn’t usually your safest bet to drink, and the sailors couldn’t drink sea water.  But at the same time they couldn’t have a bunch of drunk sailors manning the sails and such.  Hence, the mix is in.  At times lime juice, among others, would have been mixed in as well.  Dare I say that grog might have been the original beertini?

Time for a pint…

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